REALITY FORCE allows users to experience Balloon Fest through Augmented Reality

A lot of us are feeling down this year about Balloon Fiesta being postponed this year. But just because we couldn’t attend in person this year doesn’t mean that we can’t experience all the sights and sounds of the annual event it brings. Richard Farmer, co-founder of REALITY FORCE discussed how you could experience Balloon Fest through Augmented Reality.

Anderson Abruzzo International Balloon Museum Foundation presents the launch of the world’s 1st AR Balloon Fest as a symbolic way to celebrate New Mexico’s cherished event. You can download the app through the Apple App Store or get it on Google Play.

REALITY FORCE is a new Benefit Corp with the prime objective to create Augmented Reality (AR) that helps businesses and increase tourism for the towns and cities of New Mexico by utilizing AR as new technology and superpower to enhance any experience.

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