Wellness lifestyle expert discusses tips for healthier daily routine

Hustle and Grind is still the name-of-the-game for many of us, as we continue to work hard, homeschool, and carve out time for social time- while still keeping a social distance. One of the biggest trends we’ve seen from more time spent at home is a focus inward to keep our minds and bodies as healthy as we can and take the best care of ourselves so we can care for others. #SelfCare isn’t just for Sundays anymore! Wellness Lifestyle Expert Jamie Hess discussed some tips and recommendations for a healthier daily routine, keeping your body and mind fit, making “me” time, and focusing on our fitness and wellness.

Jamie Hess is a wellness lifestyle expert and the co-creator of @NYCfitfam. Named “one of the seven fittest couples on Instagram” by Women’s Health magazine, Jamie and her family have been featured on Dr. Oz, The Daily Burn, Refinery29, The New York Post, The Observer, MindBodyGreen, and more. Her focus is on fitness, nutrition, wellness hacks, and conscious parenting.

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