Blo Blow Dry joins Pink Warriors House to help breast cancer warriors

Blo Blow Dry Bar’s mission is to take care of women, and in November they’re taking that mission even further. The Albuquerque salon is joining forces with local nonprofit Pink Warrior House to help women in our community who are going through the breast cancer journey.

Pink Warrior House is a one-stop resource for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. It was founded in 2019 by Allison Hendricks-Smith. She got the idea after she was diagnosed herself, and realized that she was having to reach out to numerous organizations to get the help and answers she needed about various aspects of her cancer journey.

“We have strong medical treatment options here. But there are so many mental, emotional, and social needs that breast cancer patients and their caregivers have throughout their ordeal,” Hendricks-Smith says. “Once I got through my treatment, I made it my mission to find a way to offer a comprehensive resource that addresses the needs and questions that patients have – that I had.”

Pink Warrior House connects women with existing cancer resources in the community. It also offers resources like support groups for Warriors and caregivers, yoga and meditation classes, and make-up and beauty classes. But it’s their Warrior Bags and Battle Buddy Network that women say inspires them to face their disease head-on.

Warrior Bags are given to newly diagnosed women while they are still at the hospital. The bags are filled with items and inspiration to immediately let the woman know she is not alone, and that Pink Warrior House is a resource for her.

In the Battle Buddy program, each Warrior who contacts Pink Warrior House is matched with a woman – their Battle Buddy — who was previously diagnosed. Their Battle Buddy is a mentor, friend, and listening ear, providing insight about what to expect on this journey.

When Blo Blow Dry Bar’s owner, Jessica Carothers, recently learned about Pink Warrior House, she wanted to help.

“At Blo, we help women look and feel good by providing self-care in the form of hair styling and make-up application,” Carothers says. “We have clients who are going through breast cancer treatment, and our hearts are always with them. So when we heard about what Pink Warrior House does, we wanted to support their important work.”

From now until Thanksgiving, Blo Blow Dry Bar will donate 10% from every installation of their new Glam Seamless Natural Hair Extensions to Pink Warrior House. The money will be used to help provide more Warrior Bags for local women who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

“Every day, we see women who come in to our salon and leave transformed, not just on the outside, but on the inside,” Carothers says. “Using that transformation to help other women in a critical time of need is something all of us can feel extra good about.”

The Pink Warrior House Foundation is a 501C-3 nonprofit that provides support for women going through breast cancer treatment. Started in 2019 by Allison Hendricks-Smith, its mission is to create a community which supports those battling breast cancer, and their caregiver(s), with emotional and social service to foster hope and positive outcomes. Among other assistance, Pink Warrior House offers support groups, art therapy, yoga, meditation, nutritional support, a wig exchange, a “Battle Buddy” network to pair those newly diagnosed with someone who has been through a similar fight, and transportation to treatment and appointments. All services are available at no cost to anyone affected by breast cancer.

Established in 2007, Blo Blow Dry Bar’s mission is to uplift and enhance the lives of women in our community through the power of flawless blow outs and beauty. Blo gives people the power to feel runway-ready at a moment’s notice. No cuts, no color, just wash, blo, and go. With over 130+ locations in America, Canada, and the Philippines they have also expanded to offer makeup, nails, and waxing at select locations — no special occasion required.

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