Managing advanced prostate cancer during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the way we live by introducing restrictions that minimize in-person interactions with friends and family, limit trips to public places and encourage the use of face masks. In light of this pandemic, over one-third of Americans have missed scheduled cancer screening appointments according to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. While it’s important for everyone to stay safe and take precautions during this time, it is especially important for men living with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC), an advanced form of prostate cancer, to stay in touch with their doctors.

Men living with mCRPC are tasked with the extra responsibility of remaining vigilant. They must frequently monitor their symptoms, speak to their doctors regularly when in-person visits are few and far between, and work with their doctors to take appropriate measures to prevent the progression of their cancer.

Because of social distancing guidelines, it’s important that men stay educated about the disease and advocate on their own behalf (in-person or virtually) to work with their doctors to find a treatment that can allow them to live longer, while not impacting their day-to-day life, and fits within their adjusted lifestyle.


Nicholas J. Vogelzang, MD, FASCO, FACP is a distinguished medical oncologist at Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada, located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dr. Vogelzang specializes in Genitourinary Malignancies, specifically kidney, bladder, prostate, and testicular cancers, as well as thoracic and lung cancers. Dr. Vogelzang is a renowned cancer researcher, particularly focusing on phase I trials for all solid tumors and new therapies for patients with metastatic prostate, bladder, and kidney cancers. He has authored, co-authored, and peer-reviewed more than 500 articles on advanced treatment options for various carcinomas and genitourinary malignancies. Dr. Vogelzang was the lead editor of the Comprehensive Textbook of Genitourinary Oncology for 14 years before serving as the Associate Editor of the Kidney Cancer Journal, UP-TO-DATE, and Clinical Genitourinary Cancer. He has earned numerous awards, including Distinguished Physician of the Year by the Nevada State Medical Association and the Gold Certificate of Excellence by the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Vogelzang has been featured in various local and national media outlets highlighting his cancer research, including The New York Times, The New England Journal of Medicine, USA Today, and Nature. Currently, Dr. Vogelzang serves as Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Nevada School of Medicine (UNLV).

Dr. Vogelzang received his medical degree from the University of Illinois in Chicago after completing an internship and his residency in internal medicine at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago. Following his residency, Dr. Vogelzang completed his fellowship in medical oncology at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

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