Tips to refocus your life and get back on track in 2020

The year 2020 has been an off-year for so many people, to say the least. From the pandemic and civil unrest to a tension-filled election, it has been easy to get distracted from the goals we set for ourselves. What can we do to get this turned around? Brand and Confidence Expert Tayloria Grant gave some tips on how to get back on track before the year is over.

Tayloria Grant is regarded as a top authority on branding, social media, and confidence strategies. She is the Founder of One Full Life International, LLC, a personal branding and content creation company. In 2014, after leaving Corporate America, Tayloria reinvented herself at the age of 40 and has taught hundreds of professionals worldwide how to uncover their gifts, confidently master their message, and become go-to experts in their industries.

A lover of tiramisu and travel, Tayloria is passionate about helping people live life fully. She fell back in love with life after several trips to Italy and realizing that there wasn’t anything she couldn’t do, given the right mindset, tools, and taking action. Often referred to as the “Fear Eliminator”, Tayloria thrives on helping others step out of their comfort zone and use their voice to fuel their vision, purpose, and dreams.

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