Where in the world do I put my data? The importance of storage backup with The PC Place

Whether you are protecting vital documents or files for work, or priceless memories through digital photos and video, we all need a backup plan when it comes to our computers. The PC Place offers a comprehensive solution for home and office. Stephen Armijo, President & Owner of The PC Place, discussed where in the world do you put your data.

The PC Place is offering a new backup service for their customers. For $30 a month, you can get 1 TB of storage space to store your files in the secured cloud. You can head to their website to find out more.

The PC Place’s mission is to sell, service, and upgrade computer equipment of high quality at reasonable prices.  In addition, this company intends to maintain a superior and well-trained team of committed individuals with a positive and caring attitude.  This group will utilize their creative ingenuity to solve problems and provide efficient solutions while establishing and maintaining lasting relationships with customers. With this combination, they believe they can provide quality products and services that the customer cannot get anywhere else.

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