Santo Niño Regional Catholic School resumes in-person learning for Spring

Getting back to normal, Santo Niño Regional Catholic School is gearing up to provide in-person learning in the spring. Principal Robin Chavez discussed what they are doing to prepare and how they will go about this in a safe manner.

Santo Niño Regional Catholic School is first and foremost a family.  It is a family of students, teachers, administrators, staff, parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters.  They are a family that is connected through their Faith in God. They are a school that believes in love, character, morality, and creation.  They provide their students with the tools not only for far achieving academic growth but also for spiritual and character development.  They believe that nurturing both the mind and heart will provide their alums with the assurance of an education that places them on their own glorious path. 

Part of their goal at Santo Niño is to provide their students with a balanced education. Their school is meant to create opportunities and inspiration.  With this in mind, they have established a wonderful education in the arts.  They offer library, art, music, 21st century, and physical education. Their team of essential educators specializes in their fields and creates learning environments that are exciting, active, and most of all fun!