Need a last-minute gift? New Mexico Lottery has you covered

Christmas is now only one week away and the New Mexico Lottery wants to help you celebrate with a handful of new games. Wendy Ahlm, Director of Advertising and Marketing for the New Mexico Lottery, discussed what they have in store.

The New Mexico Lottery is offering four new holiday-themed scratchers with a “red or green” New Mexico twist. They are offering a $1 “Holiday $25” scratcher, a $2 “Holiday Doubler,” a $3 “Candy Cane Crossword,” and a $5 “Happy Holidays” scratcher that comes in both red and green.

Scratchers can also double as a great gift for your friends and loved ones. Here are some different ways you can give a scratcher as a gift:

  • In a card
  • Add to a gift as a gift-tag
  • Inside a gift-card box so you can wrap them
  • Place on top of a gift
  • Leave as a fun gift for whoever delivers your mail

As a reminder, please play and gift responsibly. Lottery tickets are for adults 18 years and older, and should only be gifted to and from adults.

New Mexico Lottery has raised more than $873 Million for New Mexico education through Lottery ticket sales. Thanks to players, more than 128,000 New Mexicans have received a Legislative Lottery Scholarship.

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