Papa’s Little Helpers MicroFarm providing healthier options for the black community

Providing key nutrients in a practical way, scientists see microgreens as a functional food that can play a role in sweet and savory dishes on top of their nutritional value. They can also add flavor, texture, and color to salads and sandwiches. Rico Robinson, the owner of Papa’s Little Helpers MicroFarms, discussed providing healthier options, particularly for the black community.

At Papa’s Little Helpers MicroFarms (PLHMicroFarm), they take honor in knowing they grow with care in use with Kangen Water to produce a tasting and highly nutritious quality product that you and your loved ones will enjoy. PLHMicroFarm understands that in the current pandemic can be challenging to get excellent quality greens. They enforce COVID-safe practices at all times and offers a delivery service in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho area.

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