BernCo partners with Cumulus to offer free Uber rides

Keeling drivers safe while saving lives. Bernalillo County is partnering with Cumulus to offer free Uber rides to New Mexicans. This is all in an effort to keep New Mexico safe on the roads while cutting down on DWI. Jason Martinez from Bernalillo County Behavioral Health Services discussed how the partnership has saved so many lives while keeping residents safe.

In 2017, Bernalillo County began their “Take a Ride on Us” program, which gives the community the opportunity to take advantage of a safe ride option to avoid driving under the influence. “Take a Ride on Us” is the creation of Cumulus Media Albuquerque, and has been hugely successful through the partnership of Uber, Bernalillo County, ENDWI, the City of Albuquerque Department of Family & Community Services, Sandoval County DWI Prevention, and Ron Bell Injury Lawyers. Since the program’s inception, “Take a Ride on Us” has provided a safe ride option to nearly 25,000 riders in the Albuquerque Metro Area.