Local author discusses new children’s book ‘Love the Little Things’

Roxanne Barry is a former teacher who lives in Rio Rancho and is a mother of three, and now she is an author. Barry just had her first children’s book published last December called Love the Little Things and holds an extraordinary place in her heart. Roxanne Barry discusses her book and how it’s encouraging readers to appreciate all of life’s smallest moments and little things.

Love the Little Things is especially dear to Roxanne Barry’s heart because she wrote and published it while her children were very young. It meant a lot to her to have this book in hand to read to them.

Barry is a former teacher from the Albuquerque Public School district, and reading and education being essential to her. She had always dreamed of writing her own children’s book. Barry wrote this story before the COVID-19 pandemic, but this story holds true to how many people feel today. She loves most about her story because each illustration is its own little story; children visit their grandparents, children playing with friends, the family pictured on a beach vacation, etc. Many people wish they could be living that way again.

Roxanne Barry’s story is a reminder for families to appreciate the mundane moments of day-to-day life, as well as a reminder for children to notice all of the smallest living things in our world.

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