Drive-in theater experience Reel Big Flix discusses new location

Reel Big Flix is a pop-up drive-in theater experience that serves the greater Albuquerque area. Now, of course, when the pandemic hit, Flix had to shut-down its operations for the time being. However, things are starting to look up. Owner Cam Ferguson discussed their new location and how it hopes to bring the community together positively.

Reel Big Flix came when everyone has been on lockdown for months due to the pandemic. Their vision includes providing safe, accessible entertainment for the community. Reel Big Flix feels that a drive-in is a perfect solution for people to come together while continuing using COVID-safe practices.

Their mission is to provide a nostalgic drive-in experience while audiences stay safe and comfortable in their vehicles. Being accessible is essential to Reel Big Flix, and being mobile allows them to reinvent the drive-in experience and “pop-up” in a variety of places around the state.

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