Expungements and pardons explained with the Law Office of Adam Oakey

Let’s face it; the legal system can be complicated and very confusing at times. That is why it’s crucial to have a strong representation when you find yourself in a legal situation. Local Attorney, Adam Oaky of the Law Office of Adam Oakey, provided more information on expungements and pardons, what they are, and how they work.

Adam Oakey is a New Mexico native who attended Anderson School of Business and graduated with honors. After graduating, he went to UNM’s School of Law and graduated from there in 2017. In January 2018, Oaky decided to open his practice.

The Law Office of Adam Oakey deals with anything from DUI to 1st Degree Murder cases and is not afraid of any challenges. Oakey also takes Personal Injury cases as he likes helping those who are injured over negligence committed by corporations or individuals. Oakey takes special pride in battling insurance companies.

The Law Office of Adam Oakey does Family Law. Oakey’s passion for families and children shows every day with his four children. Family is his focus in his life, and he treats his clients and practice like his own family members.

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