The State of the City of Albuquerque and city’s efforts to support small businesses

The last 12 months have been unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. The COVID-19 pandemic threw the entire country, and state, for a loop in so many different ways. 2020 is, of course, in the past and as we make our way into the heart of 2021, there’s a lot to be done in order for the community to get back to where we were. Economic Development Director Synthia Jaramillo discusses more on the state of the city of Albuquerque, and what is being done to support local businesses during such hard times.

The City of Albuquerque Economic Development Department’s Mission: To make Albuquerque competitive in the global market by leading collaborative public-private partnerships, supporting business development and workforce development, and providing quality economic opportunities for local residents and businesses to thrive, while making a concerted effort to reverse disinvestment in underserved communities and neighborhoods and ensuring equitable opportunities for everyone in Albuquerque.

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