City of Albuquerque working to support homeless population

An issue that has been a constant concern in the city of Albuquerque is the homeless population Director of Family and Community Services Carol Pierce discusses how the city is working to support the unsheltered population, both in terms of immediate needs and with an eye for the future.

The Department of Family and Community Services provides quality health and social services, housing, recreation, and education to improve the quality of life for the entire Albuquerque Community. They are a first-of-its-kind cabinet-level department responding to calls on inebriation, homelessness, addiction, and mental health. They are refocusing millions of dollars through the budget process into a public health model with civilian led-response. The department is the third option for 911 dispatch alongside APD and AFR and is a unique Albuquerque idea based on programs developed and tested with the community. To find out more information on the Department of Family and Community Services, just head to their website at