‘Lottery 101’ with the New Mexico Lottery

The New Mexico Lottery has raised more than $890 million for New Mexico education through lottery ticket sales. Thanks to players, more than 134,000 New Mexicans have received a Legislative Lottery Scholarship. Wendy Ahlm, Director of Advertising and Marketing for the New Mexico Lottery, discusses “Lottery 101” and explains the different types of games offered. 

Scratchers, or sometimes known as “scratchies” or “scratch-offs,” are instant win tickets for people ages 18 and older to purchase for a chance to win a prize instantly. They’re printed on heavy paper, like cardboard or any heavy paper, and have a scratch-off coating that you scratch off, which is why they’re called “scratchers.” Every month, the New Mexico Lottery prints out new scratchers with new themes. For April, they are launching a family of games-multiple games with a similar look-that having a neon theme. There’s “Quick $25,” “Quick $50,” “Quick $100,” and “Quick $250.”

While scratchers are instant-wins, Powerballs are known as a “draw game” or “drawing game.” People can buy a ticket at a retail location and then receive a piece of paper with numbers on them. Then people wait for the drawing to see if those numbers match whatever numbers are drawn during the drawing. Powerball, Mega-Millions, and Lotto America are all “draw games.”

New Mexico Lottery also offers “Fast Play Games.” They’re “fast” because you can find out if they’re an instant winner, but instead of scratching, you use a pen or pencil. Just ask for a Fast Play game, then play with a pen or pencil and find out if it’s an instant winner.

100% of net proceeds benefits the New Mexico Legislative Scholarship. Head to for more information.

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