Family travel expert Melody Bostic Brown shares how to bring the family fun

The idea of traveling is on the horizon again for many Americans and according to a new survey by Atomik Research, nearly 2/3 feel ready and safe to go on vacation this year versus 12 months ago. The survey also showed 65% say they feel ready/safe to go on vacation this year versus 12months ago and 72% of Americans agree that traveling to reunite with family and/or friends is a top priority for them in 2021.

The survey also found that Americans find “home away from home” amenities enticing while on vacation. Nearly 3/4 say having a full kitchen makes their vacation more enjoyable. Over 2/3 appreciate being able to get laundry done while vacationing or having an on-site washer and dryer. This way they have one less chore to do when they arrive home.

Family travel Expert Melody Bostic Brown joins New Mexico Living to discuss more on the survey findings and provide tips on some top family destinations.

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