Guinness World Record holder is running from LA to Washington D.C., makes pit stop in Albuquerque

3,000 miles in 100 days. 78-year old Guinness World Record holder and world-renowned ultra-long-distance runner, Stan Cottrell, is running from Los Angeles, California to Washington, D.C. to raise funds for charity and encourage hope, health, and friendship. His journey took him through the Duke City, so of course, New Mexico Living brought Cottrell in to find out where he gets his inspiration from throughout this grueling journey.

Cottrell is on a life-long mission to inspire and lead by example. Cottrell set a Guinness World Record for running across the United States in just 48 days. He has run across Europe in 80 days and ran 2,152 miles in 53 days across China where foreigners had never been permitted. He has run through 40 different countries and accumulated more than 266,000 miles of running in his 63-year career. That distance is more than 10 times around the earth.

Cottrell’s run is sponsored in part by AmnioFit and 360 Clinic. Follow Cottrell and his amazing journey by going to

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