Highlighting unsung heroes in film industry: Shelia Trujillo

There are no films without film crews.  While actors, writers, and directors often bask in the spotlight of work that can take literally years to complete, they would never hit the big screen without the hundreds of production assistants, camera operators, grips, wardrobe personnel, and craft services -just to name a few.

Sheila Trujillo has been working as a make-up artist for several years in film and television.  The native New Mexican has worked on such projects as News of the World, Beer for my Horses, Breaking Bad, Cruel Summer, Godless, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, and more. She says her ability to cultivate a lucrative career in film has been due in large part to the incentives.

“It’s a far-reaching entity,” she says, highlighting the ancillary businesses that have thrived since the cameras started rolling under the current incentive program, which offers a 25-35% refundable tax credit on production costs in the state.  Sheila is booked on several projects this year, with hundreds of new jobs coming to the Land of Enchantment as the industry emerges from the pandemic.  

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