Clear your mind and set goals with the help of Clarity Pages

Finding clarity during times of uncertainty. Life can get hectic at times for all of us and when things are uncertain, stress and anxiety can start to creep in. What can we do to combat this? CEO Mariposa Strategies and Creator of Clarity Pages Annie Sanchez gave some tips to help find clarity.

One thing Sanchez does with clients that are called “End Goals.” She has them answer three questions. What experiences do I hope that I have? In what ways do I hope that I’ve grown? What contributions do I hope that I made?

Sanchez also says setting goals should be simple. She advises you write down all your messy thoughts and then look to see if there is a theme. Then, categorize them and look ahead three months. Then, look to see what is in your way of achieving those goals. Once you determine what those are, then make an action list. This way you can conquer what you want to get done.