Fiverr releases Freelance Economic Impact Report

A new report shows a lot of growth is happening when it comes to freelancing opportunities in creative tech and professional fields. Skilled freelancing is boosting local economies and helping an abundance of workers find work according to the Fivers 4th annual Freelance Economic Impact Report.

Brent Messenger, the VP of Public Policy & Community at Fiverr talked about the report and key findings. Messenger says they look at the size and growth of the freelance population and their earnings year-over-year so the report looked at the top 30 cities for freelance work. The report revealed that skilled freelancers in the U.S earned an estimated $234 Billion in 2020 and that they are optimistic about their work in a post-pandemic world.

Some other key findings include:

  • Three-quarters of skilled freelancers (75%) are more hopeful than fearful about the future of skilled independent work
  • Eight in ten (79%) skilled freelancers believe their work gives them the freedom to live wherever they want and choose when and where they work
  • 7 in ten skilled workers (71%) are highly satisfied with their work

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