The Acre Offers Plant-Based Food for All!

Owner and executive chef Shawn Weed of The Acre is here with New Mexico Living in the kitchen to discuss their newest location and their delicious plant-based menu. This quesadilla is being made into a vegan healthier option for a snack after school or even after work.

Watch as Shawn shows us how he makes this wonderful quesadilla with a twist! Visit their new downtown location which just opened recently in the historic downtown area which allows you to enjoy a good meal with open space and he is looking for cooks to truly learn a scratch kitchen passion for cooking.

Recipe: Papa Quesadilla


1 Cup Red Bliss Mashed Potatoes
1 Cup Shredded Cheese (vegan or regular)
1/4 Cup Young Gun’s Green Chile
2 Large Tortillas
Your favorite Salsa
1 ripe Avocado

1. Heat a large Skillet to Medium.
2. While Skillet is heating, spread your mashed potatoes over half the tortilla. Then add the shredded cheese and green chile.

3. Fold in Half. Repeat this process with your second tortilla.
4. One at a time, cook the tortilla, flipping when it becomes a light brown.
5. Serve with your favorite Salsa and sliced avocado

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