Building and Inspiring Woman Around the Globe

Broken But Beautifully Made is a Women’s Empowerment Platform, created to build sisterhood and inspire young women by turning brokenness into beauty and helping individuals discover their talents. BBBM gives tools, resources, support, connections, teaching, events, and more to any woman looking to be empowered.

Clarice May Cregger CEO and Founder of Broken But Beautifully Made joins New Mexico Living to discuss what the business is all about and their 3rd Annual Women’s International Conference. Their empowerment group is centered on God and healing after the trauma individuals have faced, which allows people to express and heal.

Broken But Beautifully Made has its first international conference on December 7 and 8 with participants from all around the world, that bring different walks of life to uproot themselves. To get more information visit, Broken But Beautifully Made.