Country Music defines Will Banister

Will Banister is a New Mexican raised about 20 miles from the state line and grew up with sounds from George Strait and Hank Williams through his dad’s pick-up truck. Will has performed all over the south-west giving fans a reminiscing sound of the country radio in the 1990s mixed with today’s sound.

Will Banister has joined New Mexico Living to discuss their music sound, tour, and the latest hit song. “It’s country music” Will Banister describes his sound which good traditional sound with very beautiful sounds that truly stay true to the traditional sound. “Find a New Home” is the opening track to Clint Eastwood’s New film “Cry Macho”, Will goes into detail on how he got the opportunity to be a part of the film.

Will Banister is currently on tour at The Dirty Bourbon through November 13, click here to get more information on Will and his music.

Will Banister Performance

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