Lobo Theater, Locker #505, and M’tucci’s Join Forces for The Community

A big local event is going on with three wonderful companies, Locker #505, Lobo Theater, and M’tucci’s have come together to hold a clothing drive and Friendsgiving. This amazing holiday event will give support to a couple of organizations.

Richard Rivas Owner of Lobo Theater, Kim Kershen Director of Locker #505, and Howie Kailbel Minister of Culture of M’tucci’s have joined New Mexico Living to discuss their organizations and the holiday event they have planned. Locker #505 is holding a clothing drive to help kids around Albuquerque during the winter season. The Lobo Theater is holding the Friendsgiving with Live Music and food from M’tucci’s to collect donations to help give clothing to kids all around our city.

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