Get tips to better your health and wellness in 2022

Healthy lifestyle information is the most talked about subject in 2022, now you have all the tips to get on track.

Linda Ciampa Registered Nurse joined New Mexico Living to break down health trends, give some tips, and knowledge on what to do and not do. There are always trends we follow right now heart health is on the list, one easy way to improve your cholesterol is eating oats. Trying ‘Bob’s Red Mill Oats’ with many varieties that include organic and gluten-free options that you can use in almost any recipe. Another on the list is gut health, it is best to drink enough water, sleep, and reduce stress. Finally, the latest trend is among women where they can experience bladder leaks, and ‘Because Market’ has the solution.

Don’t forget Linda Ciampa’s important tips is to check up with your doctor regularly and discuss any issues you have with them.

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