Hand-crafted, menu changing, and delicious, M’tucci’s

Cocktails and food that will never disappoint.

Chef Damien Lucero and Chef Sean Cronin of M’tucci’s stopped by New Mexico Living to give us details about their evolving menus and what unique inspiration it brings to the restaurant. This spot changes their menu about three to four times per year per restaurant that pairs with the seasons, today they are in the kitchen showing off the inspiration for their menus.

Let’s check out what we have going on in the kitchen. First, they are showing off a nice blackberry and goat cheese salad. Next, they are featuring a fried dish with a lot of delicious ingredients which is a vegetarian dish along with a cold-smoked beet that is very unique to the menu. Finally, they ended the day with a beautiful pasta dish that is simple yet yummy.

To check out their menus and locations, click here.

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