Animal Humane New Mexico wants you to bring home Anubis

Are you looking to add a furry friend to your home?

Madison Beets PR and Media Manager for Animal Humane New Mexico stopped by New Mexico Living to show off the pet of the week. This morning we are joined with Anubis who is a 6-year old male Alaskan Malamute cross. He is a very giant cuddly pup who enjoys car rides, socializing, and loves showing off his smarts. It is important to make sure he goes into a home that enjoys walks, hiking, and gets you and him moving around.

You can stop by either of their locations to check out all the adoptable pets like Anubis and others. The Animal Humane NM has a thrift shop and they have an anniversary coming up, the weekend of March 11 – 13 weekend for their 10th anniversary they are offering 25% off in-store.

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