New Mexico Kidney Foundation, National Kidney Month

Your health and well-being are a top priority.

The month of March is known as National Kidney Month and here in the U.S. about half the population ranging from 30 to 64-years old can develop chronic kidney disease. Today we had two individuals from the New Mexico Kidney Foundation to discuss chronic kidney disease and how to minimize risks. It is known as a ‘sneaky disease’ most people don’t really know they have it in the beginning stages, it is best to get checked early.

The foundation has created a couple of events going on to raise awareness, March 12 is the pickleball tournament and they have started a support group to meet on March 28 to provide support for patients and families. They also want to get the community of middle school and high school students to create content to raise awareness for kidney disease and someone can win a cash prize.

To find out more about them and check out the events, click here.