Animal Humane New Mexico St. Patrick’s day adoptions

If you have been questioning adding a four-legged friend to your life, today might be the day to decide.

Madison Beets from Animal Humane New Mexico stopped by New Mexico Living with an adorable pup and details about the special going on this week. We have Phlox today she is a very sweet girl. Known as a ‘pocket pitty’ who is 6-years old and has much cuteness in one little girl. She enjoys affection, food, and going on walks. When Phlox came into Animal Humane NM she had heartworms but they have provided the care she needs to make a full recovery.

This St.Patrick’s Day they are holding sponsor adoptions at the main campus location for free, as long as the pets have been there for at least 30 days it will be sponsored. You could find your lucky pet tomorrow!

To find your furever pet, click here.