Rustic Mountain Destinations with ‘Inn the Works’

If you are looking to get away, we have a couple of destinations for you.

Lindsey Kurowski stopped by New Mexico Living to talk about some rustic mountain destinations and the show ‘Inn the Works’ on the Magnolia Network. Kurowski explains that this show follows her journey to different hotels, inns, and motels where she fixes them up to make sure they are looking good and she is enlisting the help of family and friends. Her experience in large-scale work is there but renovating motels is a new task for her, she drained her savings to make sure these motels are wonderful looking, create jobs, and more benefits for all.

If you are interested in staying at her locations, there are many things to do around the area. You can watch ‘Inn the Works’ Mondays at 9 p.m. and on Discovery+ anytime under the ‘Magnolia Network’ tab.