APS trio works to grow ‘WEB Program’

The transition from elementary to middle school can be a challenging time for students. A trio of teachers at Eisenhower Middle School has made it a mission to offer a mentorship program for their students.

Each of these teachers breakdown why they started teaching and what drives them to put hard work into each student. Rebecca Moore, 8th Grade Gifted Teacher explains how her 8th-grade teacher was her inspiration when she was going through troubling times. It was her former teacher that showed her teachers care even beyond education.

Jessica Thomas did not enjoy school growing up but ended up becoming a 6th-Grade Science Teacher. Thomas wanted to teach the importance of what you put it you get back. Sarah Romero 6th-Grade Social Studies teacher became one because she enjoys her students and wanted to have a fun career that inspires learning while being rewarded on the job.

WEB means ‘Where everyone belongs’, this program was created to make sure students have safe spaces where they can be themselves. The transition from each grade can bring a lot to each student. The WEB program offers 8th-grade leaders to mentor the incoming 6th graders.

To learn more about the WEB program, click here.