The New Mexico Caregiver Leave Act

If you’re a family caregiver, help has arrived. Thanks to a new law, New Mexico workers don’t have to worry about losing their jobs or taking mom to the doctor.

Download your free wallet card on the CARE Act, also known as the New Mexico Lay Caregiver Aftercare Training Act , and keep it with your insurance card so you have information about this law.

What is the CARE Act?

Learn how this law supports family caregivers from hospital to home.

Resources for Family Caregivers

Resources Every Caregiver Should Know About
A variety of resources, ranging from support services and webinars to tip sheets, care guides and how-to videos.

Prepare to Care
A Resource Guide for Families to help make the job of family caregiving more manageable.

Safety First When Dealing With Dementia
Print these tips for home safety when living with someone with dementia.

Take the Stress out of Family Caregiving with Help for…

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